Upcoming: Eastern Washington Expeditions Festa Italiana – August 6 2022

Eastern Washington Expeditions
Annual Summer Potluck: Festa Italiana


Eastern Washington Expeditions Annual Summer Potluck:
Festa Italiana

1 PM – 10 PM Saturday, August 6, 2022

Eastern Washington Expeditions is hosting a Festa Italiana party and potluck dinner on August 6 2022 at the EWE Club House in the Biergarten. The pool is open for those who want to jump in. The RTI Ramp is available for those wanting to check out the flex on their 4×4 rig. Free camping on site.

This is free event open to everyone, but please let us know by the Thursday before if you are coming so we buy enough food to cook. Do not show up without letting us know you are coming.

CAMPING: Bring what you would need to camp in. On site camping is free and you are welcome to spend the whole weekend if you would like.

FOOD: The potluck lunch around 2 PM and potluck dinner around 6 PM. The EWE Chuckwagon will be cooking up some Italian Sausage for lunch and pizza for dinner. Please bring something Italian themed for the potluck or snacks like chips & dip, fruit, dessert, etc. If you are camping bring as much food needed. You are welcome to use the Biergarten BBQ to cook.

Contact us if you would like to attend. Please do not just show up out of the blue. If you would like to attend please use the Contact Us page. Space is limited.

Ceg, 99, Doc, Odo, Charlie, Tree & kids

Italian Sausages

Italian Sausages



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