Western Washington Brew Tour – Day 1 of 3

Western Washington Brew Tour – Day 1 of 3
Report by Clay Graham

The last few years for our wedding anniversary my wife and I take a break from the kids and getaway. This year I had to be at the Washington State Lands Meeting in Union Gap on that weekend so we decided to celebrate a week early. This worked out well since it was Martin Luther King Jr. weekend and the kids did not have school on Monday. The last two years we went to Leavenworth. This year for our 17 year Anniversary we wanted to do something different where we could do some fun stuff with our family on the west side of the state. With that said, here is our Urban Adventure;

On Friday January 14th, 2011 we left our home in Selah Washington around 10 AM and headed west with the family in our Suburban. We took White Pass over. It was warm out and raining. The snow was melting causing a lot of water to come off the mountains. As we were driving in the Rimrock area, big rocks were rolling out in front of us onto the highway. It looked like something off a cool action movie but one I did not want to be in.

A few hours later we make it to my Sister-in-law Chrissy’s home in Gig Harbor. My other sister-in-law Teresa was there with her new baby. As soon as my brother-in-law Trever got home we were out of there to let the women talk. We headed to 7 Seas Brewing to check it out. The brewery was just down from his house. We pulled in to find the place was packed. We decide to go somewhere else and come back to 7 Seas Brewing on Sunday. We stopped for a beer at the Sunset Grill. They had a nice lounge, friendly people and great service. After one beer it was time to head back to my Trever’s house to start the part of our wedding anniversary without the kids. I dropped Trever off and picked up my wife. We headed to my brother Ron’s house in Kent. Awhile later we got to Ron’s where he and his wife Christina were ready to take us out.

On the night of Friday January 14th 2011 we went to the Trade Route Brewing Company in Pacific Washington. It is located in a warehouse complex toward the rear.
Western Washington Brew Tour – Day 1 of 3 1

The Tap Room is the same room where the beer is made with a divider in between.
Western Washington Brew Tour – Day 1 of 3 2

Western Washington Brew Tour – Day 1 of 3 3

We found us a table off to the side so we could check things out. We ordered a pizza and the brew samplers.
Western Washington Brew Tour – Day 1 of 3 4

I believe the food was brought in from someone else but it was there in no time and very good.
Western Washington Brew Tour – Day 1 of 3 5

The beer was flavorful in a good way. The service was a little slow when the place fill up.
They could have used a little more help for the crowd they had. Over all I liked the Trade Route Brewing Company and hope to go back some day.

Our next stop was at Gator’s in Kent. Gator’s is pretty much your topical sports bar. The sever was great and worth stopping if you are driving through Kent.
Western Washington Brew Tour – Day 1 of 3 6

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