Photos: EWA New Years Day Quilomene 4×4 & Hiking Adventure

Eastern Washington Adventures
New Years Quilomene 4×4 & Hiking Adventure
Report and photos by Clay Graham /

On January 1st, 2014 Eastern Washington Adventures members met up at Curly’s II in Kittitas, Washington for the New Years Day Adventure. Kyle was our leader since he was the only one that had been through the whole route we were looking to do.

Around 10 AM we headed out from Kittitas with six Jeeps and one Early Bronco. We ran Vantage Highway and turned up Parke Creek. We stopped to air down in a parking area before heading up Parke Creek Canyon.

Shortly we were on our way. We drove Parke Creek Road to the top of the ridge, turned south and took a break on Quilomene Ridge Road.

Next we continued on Quilomene Ridge Road and made our way down to Quilomene Bay on the Columbia River across from the Gorge Amphitheater. About half the group hiked out to the Sand Dune along the Columbia River. The hiking trail was real bad in a few areas where it would have been easy to fall down the hill into Quilomene Bay. Out in the sand area views where great. We walk the beach around the sand dune and then hiked back to the Jeeps. Back at the parking area the rest of the group had been watching the Bighorn Sheep up the side of the hill. We stopped below the sheep for a few photo before heading back up on Quilomene Ridge.

We back tracked our route and continued past Parke Creek Road we had came up earlier. We drove on top of the ridge to Colockum Road. On the way there we past a lot of Side-by-sides and ATVs then a big herd of elk crossing in front of our Seven 4 Wheel Drive rigs.

We aired up at the bottom of Colockum Road then headed to Curly’s II in Kittitas for dinner.

This was a great time thanks to all who came.

This drive was educational in a few ways. The main one being the drive a long the Green Dot Roads proved that ORVs and wildlife can be in the same area. Don’t buy into Wildlife Season Closures on the Green Dot Systems. This is our land too! These road are also miles apart where the wildlife could get away from people if they choose to. On this day they wanted to hang out with us!

Here are a few pictures of the Eastern Washington Adventures New Years Quilomene 4×4 & Hiking Adventure:

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