Photos: EWA 2017 Wagons East! Naches Pass Trail 4×4 Run

Wagons East!
Naches Pass Trail 4×4 Run

Hosted by Eastern Washington Adventures
By Clay Graham /

The Historic Naches Pass Wagon Trail is one of the most poplar trails in the Northwest. We like to run this trail in the fall after the dust is gone and we do it in the opposite direction of the settlers for more of a challenge climbing the west end.

On Friday October 13th, 2017 Eastern Washington Adventures members met up at Lost Meadow to camp for the annual “Wagons East! Naches Pass Trail 4×4 Run”. Since it was Friday the 13th and we were in the woods, we kept an eye out for Jason. The only excitement was is snowed on us earlier in the day and the night was very cold.

The morning of Saturday October 14th it was frozen out. Around 10 AM we headed from our camp at Lost Meadow off of NF19 to cross over to Pyramid Pass with 10 rigs. We ran into snow on FS19 road not to far from camp.  We air down as we turned onto FS1914 and ran in snow most of the way over to the west end of the of Naches Trail. On the West side we met up with one more rig at the end of the Naches Pass 4×4 Trail on FS70.

We air down to trail pressure and start the 4×4 part of the run.  The first climb was just muddy. We hit snow at the top of it. We stopped there to wait for the all the rigs to make the climb, then headed on to the first cross road and had lunch.

After lunch we headed on. Four of of us took the forest service roads around the next section and the rest made the snow covered climb. We met back up at FS7080 then headed on up to Government Meadows for a break. There some fed the birds. Next we took the short walk to see the Urich Cabin and the meadow.

After the break we headed on traveling east on the Naches Trail. The snow got deeper on the trail for aways.

At FS1913 we turned off the Naches Pass Trail to skip the tight part near the east end. We parted ways with the guest and headed back to camp.

On Sunday we took a drive up to Raven Roost. The view up there were great. It was a prefect day to see Mount Rainier. You could see miles of burnt forest from the Norse Peak Fire. Click to see photos!

This was a very fun event thanks to all who came.

Here are some photos of the 2017 Wagons East Naches Pass event:

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