Photos: EWA Naneum Ridge State Forest Work Party

Eastern Washington Adventures
Naneum Ridge State Forest
Work Party
Hosted by Eastern Washington Adventures with cooperation from the Department of Natural Resources.
Sponsored by Selah Sweets
Report by Clay Graham. Photos by Clay & Odo Graham /

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On Friday June 29th, 2018, volunteers headed from Selah to north of Kittitas, Washington to set up camp for the Eastern Washington Adventures Naneum Ridge State Forest Work Party.

We found a flat place to set up camp on Dawson Cutoff Road. Other volunteers showed that evening.

On Saturday morning, we meet the DNR staff at The Orchard on Coleman Creek Road. Other volunteers also came to help. At 10 AM we headed across the Naneum Ridge State Forest fixing Green Dot Markers and picking up trash. We meet back up at The Orchard with the DNR in the afternoon to load the smaller trash into their truck to haul away. The big items we piled up and gave the location to the DNR staff to pick up later.

Once camp was set up, we decided to take a sightseeing drive. We headed to the Naneum Basin, then up to Wenatchee Mountain, over snow drifts on Naneum ridge Road, and then back to camp. The trip was fun even with cold high winds, but views were not good due to the clouds very low.

On Sunday we headed across the Colockum Wildlife Area to West Bar on the Columbia River. Across the river you could see Crescent Bar. After awhile enjoying the beach, we headed back to camp taking a different route. See photos here!

This was a very fun weekend thanks to all that came to volunteer. Thank you to all the volunteers, Eastern Washington Adventures Members, Kittitas County Field & Stream members, and the Department of Natural Resources.

Here are some photos of the Naneum Ridge State Forest Work Party:

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