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Eastern Washington Expeditions
Wenas Wildlife Area Trip
By Clay Graham /

On Monday December 7th, 2020, Eastern Washington Expeditions staff took a drive out at the Wenas Wildlife Area near Selah to test Charlie’s ZJ’s power running a way taller tire.

We aired down at the Sheep Company entrance and then headed up. We ran Durr Road and turned off to see the new shooting range on the way. Looks a lot safer than the old range. I just hope people take care of it this time.

Next we turned up Bull Pasture Road. Up on the hill they had a tractor doing some work. I believe they were seeding the burnt areas from the Evan Canyon Fire with native grasses to prevent weeds from taking over for the wildlife.

We worked our we to and up Bell Tel Road to the top of Umtanum Ridge. We drove over to the towers hoping for a view of Ellensburg. At the towers you could not see very far. We did see a little blue in the sky for a few minutes.

We headed down Durr Road and then cut back over the Bull Pasture Road to do the hill climbs. We worked our way back out to Sheep Company Road and aired up for home.

This was a fun little trip. Looks like Charlie just might be looking to buy some 33s.

Here are some photos of the EWE Wenas Wildlife Trip:

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