Photos: EWOR 2007 Slab ORV Meet & Greet

Slab ORV Meet & Greet
Hosted by Eastern Washington Off Road
By Clay Graham /

On Saturday February 17th, 2007 I flat towed my wife’s (new to her) XJ she calls “Tweety Jeep” to meet everyone at the Slab for the Eastern Washington Off Road Run/Meet & Greet. This was the rigs first 4 wheeling run. We just put a 4.5″ Rough Counrt lift on it and Colemancooler built us a bumper for it.

Most of the people showed around 11 AM . We counted 20 rigs but may have missed a few since we had this big play ground and were spread out.

First stop was Flex Canyon. A lot of rigs gave Flex Canyon a shot. Psychotoy laid his buggy on it’s side showing what it could do. Built-not-bot had some steering issues.

We mover through Power Pole Canyon and then headed over to the hill climbs in the middle of the ORV area. Hank broke his XJ and had Scuba bring out his trailer to get it back home.

I was side-by-side with Colemancooler on a climb and I broke my wife’s Tweety Jeep XJ. I called Hank to take my tow rig back home a bring back the trailer since he was going the way. Insanityfab did a trail fix to get the Tweety Jeep rolling. Built-not-bot lower the rig down the hill with his winch. Winches from Bigtoyota4me, Psychotoy and Jerry FY helped too. With the help of so many people we got the rig down the hill and onto my trailer. Thanks for all your help.

This was a great time and I am glad everyone came out. It was good to meet some new faces.
Thanks for all your help getting the Tweety Jeep on the trailer. 99 is very happy it came home.

Here are some photos of the EWOR 2007 Slab ORV Meet & Greet:

The Slab


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