Photos: EWOR Tree Phones Campground Work Party (Weekend Two)

Tree Phones Campground Work Party
Report and photos by Clay Graham / Eastern Washington Adventures

Tree Phones Campground at the Ahtanum State Forest is temporarily closed because of the danger trees, dead lodge pole. The DNR had fallers come in to cut down the dead trees.

On Saturday June 13th, 2009 the Eastern Washington Off Road members and other volunteers went up for the second weekend in a row to work in the Tree Phones Campground to get it reopened. The DNR brought up a chipper to get rid of some of the debris. Volunteers used chain saws to limb the trees and to cut them up to move them out of the camping area. Other volunteers worked to remove the debris.

Thank you to all that came and volunteered to help with the campgrounds maintenance.
We logged another 119 volunteer hours with the DNR for a total of 401 volunteer hours at Tree Phones Campground.

Here are some of the volunteer of the day.
Photos: EWOR Tree Phones Campground Work Party (Weekend Two) 1

All Wheelers Off Road Club
Eastern Washington Off Road
Go Play Eastern Washington Adventures
Photos: EWOR Tree Phones Campground Work Party (Weekend Two) 2

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