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Eastern Washington Expeditions
Clear Lake Camping Trip
By Clay & Doc Graham /

On Wednesday, August 12th 2020, the Eastern Washington Tourism staff set up camp west of Rimrock at Clear Lake to have some camping fun. Our friend Scott let us know there was an open camp spot right next to him, so we took it. It was a nice campground, but the place was packed by Thursday. By Friday afternoon there were people camping in places that were closed. Some were using chainsaws in the campground to cut wood for their illegal fires. It is sad that people won’t follow the rules and get places like this closed.

On Thursday we went out exploring with two Jeeps. We drove down to a campground next to YMCA Camp Dudley. The road in had deep ruts and was a challenge in my low rider YJ Jeep to get back out.

We then headed up US12 toward White Pass and stopped at Clear Creek Falls. The views of the falls are awesome.

After getting a few photos of the falls, we headed back to Clear Lake. We stopped to checkout the fish ladder on the way to camp.

We had lunch at camp and then headed to Conrad Meadows. We made a few stops along the way to check stuff out. Once at Conrad Meadows, we were disappointed how small the camping area has became. In the early 2000s we use to camp and ride horses from there. It was a bigger area back then. Use to be able to drive down close to the creek.

We headed back out toward Rimrock Lake. A 14 mile drive down FS1000. Once at the lake we drove around the Peninsula. The place was packed. We almost got hit by a rice burner drifting onto the one way we were driving out the right direction. We went back to camp at Clear Lake for dinner and then bed.

On Friday we hung around camp and and played in Clear Lake some. We head home at 5:00 PM.

This was a very fun trip. We ate well since we brought our Chuckwagon kitchen and the main cook. The meals were great! Thank you Scott for letting us know about the camp spot being open.

Here are some photos of the Clear Lake Camping Trip:

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