Photos: EWE Wenas Wildlife Area Sunday Drive

Eastern Washington Expeditions
Wenas Wildlife Area Sunday Drive
By Clay Graham /

On Sunday, October 4th 2020, Eastern Washington Tourism members took a drive to the Wenas Wildlife Area by the way of Kelley Hollow Road to test out Steve’s Blazer’s repair. Last time it when out, it had no power to climb hills. This also gave us a chance to see where the Evans Canyon Fire went.

We aired down at the entrance and headed up Kelley Hollow Road. At the top we took a break to take in the views. Mount Rainier, Kittitas Valley, Wenas Valley, and much more.

We turn northwest on Umtanum Ridge Road. The fire took out all the thick brush that had been there for years. A very sad sight.

We then drop into Black Canyon and back up. The forest was burnt. Looks like the trees are all dead. Very sad. This was a very nice drive in the forest before.

We ran the Umtanum Ridge northwest an took the trail down to the pavement and aired up for home.

On the way home, we had to stop for Turkeys crossing the road.

Here are some photos of the Wenas Wildlife Area Sunday Drive:

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