Photos: Exploring Yakima Lower Valley Road Trip (Part 3 of 3): Fort Simcoe

Exploring Yakima Lower Valley Road Trip (Part 3 of 3): Fort Simcoe
By Clay Graham /

On the morning of Monday August 22nd, 2011 we left Wanapum State Park campground from our Eastern Washington Adventures Exploring Vantage Road Trip and headed down the Columbia River exploring.

Next we headed down to the Lower Yakima Valley to see some sites. Our first of three places to see was the town of Granger, Washington. Granger has a road that loops through town with dinosaurs everywhere.

Our second of three places to see was the Toppenish, Washington. The city of murals.

Our third of three places to see was the Fort Simcoe, Washington.

Fort Simcoe is a Washington State Park and requires a Discover Pass.

Park features

Fort Simcoe Historical State Park is a 196-acre, day-use heritage site and is primarily a historic preservation effort. Due to its historic significance, Fort Simcoe was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in June 1974. Camping is available at Brooks Memorial and Yakima Sportsman state parks.

In 1956, Fort Simcoe was leased to Washington State Parks by the Yakama Nation on a 99-year lease for historic preservation.

We had a great time seeing the history at Fort Simcoe State Park. As we were walking to the last building to look at, we saw a bear in the park. My wife and I kept sight of the bear as we took turns looking in the last building (Interpretive Center). The Park Aid came up and I showed him the bear. He said that she had been hanging around the park for two years and had her cubs there too. The bears were hard in the fruit trees. The Park Aid said the bear was use to people being around. We walked way around the bear to get back to the truck.

This was a very fun time for my family at Fort Simcoe State Park.

Click for Part one – Granger
Click for part two – Toppenish

Here are a few pictures of our time there:

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