Photos: LSOC 4-20 Backroads Run

Liberty State Overland Club
4-20 Backroads Run
By Clay & Doc Graham /

On Monday, April 20th, 2020, Liberty State Overland Club members met up at Oak Creek Ace Hardware in Naches. A little after 10 AM we convoyed to the the Nile Area of the Forest Service. We stopped on FS1600 near Saw Mill Flats and aired down.

We headed up FS1600 to the intersection FS1706. The snow was think up FS1600. It was packed good but I pulled to close to the edge and sunk the front wheels of the YJ. I put it into 4 wheel and still could not get out. Bubz had to pull me out with his ZJ.

Since there was snow and the last section of FS1600 had some deadly drop offs, we headed on down FS1706 and turned on to FS1709. A long the way we stopped at a came site for lunch. A few miles from SR410, we found a man in a pickup stuck. He say he was stuck for a few hours. With some winching and pulling, our group got the man’s truck back up on the road and turned around.

At SR410, we aired up and headed back home. This was a great day with family and friends.

Here are some photos of the Liberty State Overland Club 4-20 Run:

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