Photos: LSOC Blue Mountains Overland Trip – Day 2

Liberty State Overland Club
Blue Mountains Overland Trip – Day 2
By Clay & Doc Graham / Eastern Washington Expeditions /

On Tuesday August 18th, 2020, Liberty State Overland Club members woke up early in the hot tents in the Umatilla National Forest at Bone Springs Warming Shelter in Oregon. We had breakfast and hit the road.

We drove by Timothy Springs Campground to see it and then onto Lookout Mountain for for the view.

The next stop was at Troy, Oregon. Most everyone went for a swim in the Grande Ronde River.  Shelby our Black Lab was pulling at the leash trying to get in the water. She had a lot of fun swimming with everyone. After the swim we had lunch and headed up the mountain toward Pomeroy, Washington.

We drove back into Washington into the Umatilla National Forest. We stopped at view point to look back toward Troy.

On up the road we decided to turn off and go up to Saddle Butte to see the view from there. The road up was smaller with some mint smelling weeds in the middle of it. It was a nice smelling road. Once on top, we took a break to see the view off both sides and then head back down to continue toward Pomeroy.

We stopped at Kelvinator Spring to fill up our water bottles and then headed on to the Mt. Misery Warming Cabin.  The shelter had some work done to it since we were last there. They did an great job. The door is still real short and yes, I hit my head coming out since I was talking and wasn’t paying attention.

Next we drove over to Misery Campground and set up camp. We had dinner and watched the sun set. Later we sat around the propane campfire visiting. It was at warm night. There was thunder and lightening around us. It started to sprinkle as we were going to be. Not long after I went into the tent, it started raining. Sometime during the night I woke up to a downpour. It was pretty wild and kept getting harder and harder. The 60 Second Coleman Tent did a great job keeping Doc and I dry.

Here are some photos of LSOC Blue Mountains Overland Trip Day 2:

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