Photos: Selah Cruise Night – May 30 2020

Selah Cruise Night
By Clay & Doc Graham /

On Saturday, May 30th 2020, we took a Jeep ride downtown Selah to see the cruising vehicles and see some friends. We got there a little early but First Street had a lot of people and cars out already. We ran the cruise route a few times to get photos before stopping to see friends. About the time we got photos of the cars that were parked, a big storm came though with high wind, lightening, and rain. We had to cut things short since we left the Jeep doors at home and the rain was blowing through the Jeep along with other things. Driving by the Selah Downtown Association office, we almost got hit by what looked to be a political sign. We stopped at Red Roster to let our friends know we were heading home. Everyone there was packing up to get out of the weather.

We headed home in the wind and rain. As we pulled into the driveway the rain turn into a downpour. We lucked out there.

We hope to see everyone next Saturday in Selah if all works out.

Here are some photos of early Selah Cruise Night:

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