Holiday Order, 200 Bags of Selah Sweets Peanut Brittle!

Selah Sweets Peanut Brittle

Here are 200 bags of Selah Sweets Peanut Brittle for an order.

Selah Sweets does custom order gift bags and party trays.
Place your order today!

‪Many handcrafted snacks, Coffee, Souvenirs, and as always, Free WiFi.

Many handcrafted snacks and as always, Free WiFi.

Shop Downtown Selah, The Walk & Shop Experience!

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Selah Sweets has many handcrafted snacks, coffee, shaved ice, souvenirs,
Free WiFi, and a Selah Community & Tourism Information Center.
Stay awhile and relax in our indoor and outdoor seating.
Located Downtown Selah on 1st Street Catty-corner from Sundance Car Wash.

Selah Sweets - Selah Community & Tourism
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Shop Downtown Selah, The Walk & Shop Experience!Selah, Washington

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