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Selah Sweets

Selah Sweets

“Rediscover traditional sweets just like Grandma used to make. Selah Sweets handcrafted fudges, caramels, peanut brittle and other snacks are created downtown Selah at 105B South First Street. The family owned shop has a great selection of homemade sweets that you can get by the piece or by custom made party trays made your way. The shop also carries souvenirs and has a Selah Community & Tourism Information Center with upcoming event listings.

Come into Selah Sweets for some free info, enjoy some of their sweets along with a cup of fresh brewed Folgers coffee in the indoor or outdoor seating while using the free Wi-Fi. Before you leave, don’t forget to pick up a souvenir to show your friends.

Shop Downtown Selah!

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Selah Sweets has many handcrafted snacks, coffee, shaved ice, souvenirs,
Free WiFi, and a Selah Community & Tourism Information Center.
Stay awhile and relax in our indoor and outdoor seating.
Located Downtown Selah on 1st Street Catty-corner from Sundance Car Wash.

Selah Sweets - Selah Community & Tourism
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Shop Downtown Selah, The Walk & Shop Experience!Selah, Washington

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