Popcorn, Popcorn, Get your Fresh Caramel Popcorn!

Caramel Popcorn

At Selah Sweets, we make a lot Caramel Popcorn.

Selah Sweets’ Caramel Popcorn is made in Downtown Selah and many customers come into the store just for it. The normal size Caramel Popcorn bags are 3 oz. and only cost $2.25 each.


Many handcrafted snacks and as always, Free WiFi.

Shop Downtown Selah, The Walk & Shop Experience!

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Selah Sweets has many handcrafted snacks, coffee, shaved ice, souvenirs,
Free WiFi, and a Selah Community & Tourism Information Center.
Stay awhile and relax in our indoor and outdoor seating.
Located Downtown Selah on 1st Street Catty-corner from Sundance Car Wash.

Selah Sweets - Selah Community & Tourism
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Selah Sweets Facebook

Shop Downtown Selah, The Walk & Shop Experience!Selah, Washington

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