Wenas Mammoth Foundation Souvenirs!

Wenas Mammoth

Selah Sweets is not only about snacks.
The store also has area souvenirs!

Just in, souvenirs from the Wenas Mammoth Foundation. By purchasing a t-shirt or tank-top, you can help bring local science and history to our schools.

The Wenas Mammoth t-shirts and tank-tops are only $20 each plus tax.

Many handcrafted snacks and as always, Free WiFi.

Eastern Washington Adventures

Selah Sweets - Eastern Washing AdventuresSelah Sweets
makes handcrafted snacks, shaved ice, and has souvenirs.
Inside and outside seating at the shop. Off site catering.

Eastern Washington Adventures
is an Outdoor Recreation Information Center that holds many free events.

Selah SweetsEastern Washington Adventures

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