Photos: Kittitas Car Show and Burnouts

Kittitas Car Show and Burnouts
By Clay Graham /

On Saturday August 13th, 2011 Eastern Washington Adventures members met up at in Kittitas to see the town’s annual event, “Kruisin’ Kittitas Car Show and Burnouts”.

The day started off with a car show at Wilson Park. We walked down the street to look at the cars in the show on this very warm morning. There were vendors lined up along both sides of the street near the cars on display. They had a DJ playing oldies. Some of the cars in the show were on the street but most were in Wilson Park. We started in the park looking at cars and worked our way back out onto the street to the vendor area. There were a lot of nice rides. We headed back to to have lunch and to relax awhile in the shade.

Around 2:30 PM the parade of cars came and turned around in front of to head back toward Wilson Park. Not long after the parade was off the street, the burnout began. We walked down to see the action. Most of our group stayed at the far end. I made my way around to try to get some shots of the burnouts. The crowd was to thick for me to get very close. The smoke coming from the tires burning on the pavement also made it hard to get a shot of the cars that were burning out. By this time in the day it was really hot. Standing there at the starting line in the heat and smoke I looked over and saw Crurly’s II. I went in for a cold beer. It was much cooler inside. I drank a beer while looking out the window toward the burnouts. I did not want to miss to much so I headed back out. I was able to get a few good shot of a Chevy Pickup burning out as I made my way back down the street on the up wind side. Down at the other end I see my group out on the street all sweating in the sun. They looked to be having a good time but I felt a little guilty for inviting them a long on my walk.

Once the burnout were over, we headed back to to get our vehicle. We said our goodbyes and headed out. We took the Yakima Canyon on the way to our home in Selah. There were many people floating the Yakima River. We got home to find there was a grass fire at the Wenas Wildlife Area few miles for our home. After dinner I took the boys over the ridge to see the helicopters. It looked like the fire was out as we watch a helicopter fly away.

This was a very fun day for my family. Thank you for inviting us to hang out at your shop between the events.

Here are some pictures of the day:

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