Photos: Yakima Valley Two Day Vacation (Part 2 Sunnyside)

Yakima Valley Two Day Vacation (Part 2 of 2)
By Clay Graham /

July 12-13 2012, my wife took two days off work so we could get some stuff done for the upcoming house upgrades. We did a lot of running around and stopped to see a few things a long the way.

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Friday we did our business at Banner Bank and had a few hour to hang around for paperwork. We went to Snipes Mountain Brewery for lunch.

Next to Banner Bank the city is building the Jerry Taylor Veterans Memorial Plaza. Here are a few photos of the start of it.

Back in Selah we stopped in at the Pastime for some nachos and beer.

This was a fun two days running around with the wife.

Here are some photos of the local vacation:

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