Photos: Tieton Grand Prix VII

Tieton Grand Prix VII
By Clay Graham /

On Saturday, June 22nd 2019 we set up the Selah Sweets Food Truck up in Downtown Tieton to serve shaved ice for the annual Grand Prix.

The weather was great. Many people from all over came out for the fun.

More about the event from the official page:

Make way for hand-crafted cyclekarts racing and parading around Tieton. The races go from 10am – 2pm and are best viewed from the Tieton City Park. Parking is available at the Mighty Tieton Warehouse at 608 Wisconsin Ave.

The driving teams come from as far away as New Zealand to participate in the annual event. The cars must be handmade using Honda GX200 engines and draw clear design inspiration from the open wheel race cars from the early 1900s. Participants work on their cars all year, excitedly awaiting the largest gathering of cyclekarts in the world. No two cars are alike, with designs often taking on the personality of its builder. Each one is about 8’ long, weighing between 250 to 300 pounds, with steel chassis and wood or aluminum bodies.

Here are some photos of the Tieton Grand Prix:

Tieton Grand Prix

Tieton Grand Prix


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