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MARCH 12-13 2022

Eastern Washington Expeditions
Yakima River Canyon
Truck/Camper Overland Trip

Umtanum Recreation Area

Yakima River Canyon Truck/Camper Overland Trip
Hosted by Eastern Washington Expeditions

Saturday 3/12 – Sunday 3/13 2022

Eastern Washington Expeditions is hosting an 4×4 Truck & Camper Overland Trip in the Yakima River Canyon. You will need to pay your own BLM campsite fee and have a Discover Pass for some of the stops we will do Sunday. There are a limited number of rig spots available. So it is on a first-sign up basis after Club Members.

You are welcome to take a truck with an in bed camper or something smaller. We will get camping spots big enough to pitch tents. Small overland trailers welcome. No long trailers due to there are places they cannot turn around and some places are hard to get into.

NOTE: By signing up you are expected to follow the rules of the land and Tread Lightly.

CB #7

If you would like to attend please use the Contact Us page to let us know.
Space is limited. Sign ups close 10 PM Friday March 11th, 2022.

See our last event there: Photos: EWA Yakima River Canyon Camp Out

We hope to hike the Umtanum Creek Canyon on this trip. See photos of what it is like at: Photos: Selah Cub Scout Pack 276 Umtanum Creek Canyon Hike
Umtanum Creek Canyon

MARCH 19 2022

Eastern Washington Expeditions
Top Member Challenge

snow wheeling

Eastern Washington Expeditions Top Member Challenge
Hosted and sponsored by Eastern Washington Expeditions

This event is in appreciation of the people who have been here for our website events and have join the club (All Wheelers Off Road Club, Eastern Washington Adventures, Liberty State Overland Club) under one of the few forum names “Eastern Washington Off Road”, “Eastern Washington Adventures”, or “Eastern Washington Expeditions”. The first TMC event was January 19th, 2008 ( … challenge/).


You must be a Eastern Washington Expeditions Club Member to enter the Top Member Challenge. We ask all entering the TMC to have one of the new EWE decals on each side of their rig. They are free for the asking. The EWE decals help get sponsors to help fund the website and keep the events going.

One 4 wheel drive tire street legal vehicle per team. Each team has one driver and one copilot. Vehicle must have recovery gear and tow points. Recommended – Lift, 33×12.50 or bigger and at least one locker.

Only competing vehicles and people can help out others in the competition. Only competing drivers and copilots can work on recovery of competing vehicles. No help from outsiders, visitors, or judges during the competition. If this happens, you give up your right to compete.

All guest vehicles need to be approved and cannot compete.


We will meet up on March 19th at 10 AM the Shell in Kittitas just off I-90 Colockum Road and then convoy to Colockum Road to air down near the Naneum State Forest. After airing down we will make our way up to the flat area in the open to start the competition. The TMC ends at the Halfway Station Marker or when the snow is to soft to go any father. The first vehicle that makes it to the Halfway Station Marker or the vehicle the farthest to the marker wins.


The driver of the vehicle that wins gets a Eastern Washington Expeditions T-shirt and a small Jeep Trophy that can keep. They also get the club trophy until someone wins again.


If you want to compete please let me know by Feb 1 2022.
If you would like to attend please use the Contact Us page to let us know. Space is limited.

See the last sponsored TMC Photos: 2018 Eastern Washington Adventures Top Member Challenge